June 9: Wait

The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.

(Lamentations 3:25 ESV)

I believe I am probably the least patient person that exists. Just to remind you that I know I am a serious sinner I’ll tell you a little fun fact about myself. Since I moved to Nashville, I have discovered that I have a healthy (not) dose of road rage. It’s not that I drive impatiently, but I get upset when others drive too patiently. Like when they slow down at every green light *just in case* it turns yellow. Or when five miles under is the norm but there is very little traffic on the road. Or the random stop to let someone drive through five lanes of traffic (when they will clearly not make it). My point is, I am not a good waiter. I get frustrated. I wonder what I or someone else is doing wrong. I blame. This passage of scripture communicates something that is so hard for me to hear sometimes. Waiting is a necessary part of relationship with God. It is a part of sanctification that my skin resists viciously. And if I am as right as I think I am about this, we are all likely resisting patience in some way. Join me today in falling on our knees and asking God to take over our waiting. Don’t ask Him to move faster. Don’t ask Him to do what you want. Ask Him to give you more of Himself.

Lord, I am a sinful, sinful child of yours. I am continually resisting your command toward patience, and because of that, I am not reflecting the fruits that are growing within me. Help me to become more like you. Take away my flesh and replace it with your Spirit.

52 Week Reading Plan: Lamentations

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