June 13: Because His Children

Blessed be the LORD your God, who has delighted in you and set you on the throne of Israel! Because the LORD loved Israel forever, he has made you king, that you may execute justice and righteousness.”

(1 Kings 10:9 ESV)

Think of a time in your life when the Lord placed you on a pedastool for Him. It might have been when you were asked to lead a ministry, when you got a job in a workplace without a lot of Christians, or even just leading a Bible study one time. Any time I have been placed into one of these positions, my first thought is, thank you Lord for loving me enough to allow this.¬†I get excited because I assume that I have done something worthy of His approval. Yet this passage so sweetly remind us that it’s not God’s individual love for us that places us in these situations, but it is His love for His children. It was that love for His children through which He sent His Son. So as He sends us out today, let us remember that we are going because He loves us; however, while that love is for each of us distinctively, it goes so much further–not just you and not just me. He loves us as a whole. Individually. Collectively. Perfectly.

Lord, thank you that your love covers me. Thank you for knowing me individually and treating me so. But Lord, I know that my work on this earth is ultimately for the love of your children and for the glory of your Son. Help me go forth with that same love for this world.

52 Week Reading Plan: 1 Kings 9-10



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