“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

(John 3:30 ESV)

I love the simplicity of this verse. Seven small words. One simple concept–so it seems. While we say these words with all of the confidence in the world that we know exactly how to implement them, I believe they are some of the most challenging verses in scripture. You see, we are born with an innate desire to increase ourselves. It is built into our culture, our ideals, our values. We are constantly striving for the next bigger and better thing for our own betterment. Then, we take on this verse–or at least half of it. I find myself seeking to increase Him without decreasing myself. I want His goodness and blessing on top of the success and lifestyle I have already created for myself. I find myself implementing these words instead: He must increase, but I am not going to change myself. What would it look like if we truly sought to decrease our own selfish desires, even our own pure desires, our desires for anything other than Jesus? Let’s begin praying both of those phrases with full hearts. God must increase. I must decrease.

God, when You say, the old is gone, behold the new has come, I sometimes wonder how much I am actually seeking to live in that new. Help me to die in my trespasses and rid myself of the sin that still plagues me. Increase in me God, and decrease me completely.

Originally posted 2017-08-04 10:12:26.

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