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I want to announce that I will now be posting my daily devotions onto this website directly. So good news! For those of you who are following me via email, you will now receive devotions in your inbox each morning. If you are not following me via email, now would be a great time to start! Just go to the right of your screen on the home page and click follow or the bottom of your screen if you are on your mobile device. I am so excited to see how God continues using His word.

If you are just now getting started on this little devotion journey with me, I am so excited! But please, please if you have a personal relationship with Jesus, do not allow these short words of mine to take over your own time in Scripture. I am currently going through the Bible in a year, so feel free to follow the scripture I will lay out for reading each day!

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June 5: Dive

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

(Galatians 5:16 ESV)

As summer begins to take its full force, spending time around water tends to become more and more common. Yet as the heat waves grow stronger, it always seems as if the water grown colder. Have you ever thrown yourself into a body of water because you couldn’t make yourself inch in? Once you jump, you’re in. You can’t go back–you can’t just shake the water off of you. I wish it were this simple as we jump into walking with the Spirit. Yet we often take the inch by inch approach. We dip our toes and pull them out. We may go deep enough to get the top of our legs wet, but by the time we have spent so much time making our way waist deep, we have decided that we do not want our head to get wet. Sisters and brothers, there is a reason we keep gratifying the desires of our flesh. It’s because we haven’t jumped into the Spirit! It is because we are allowing our hesitations to control our actions, our skin to determine the direction of our soul. Jump in with me, Christian. Let the Spirit guide us through every move we make and decision we come to. Let it control our time spent in God’s word and in prayer and sharing the Gospel. Let’s dive in. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Will we go completely in otherwise?

Lord, I want to walk in Your Spirit always. I want you to guide my life, I want to be covered by you, I don’t want the option of shaking it off. Give me the desire of you, Jesus. Help me dive into the deep waters of your grace. I love you.

52 Week Reading Plan: Read Exodus 38-40


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