We have all been there: someone we barely know adds us into a group or comes knocking on our door or invites us to a party to sell a product we didn’t need twenty minutes ago and don’t think we need now.

To say that Direct Sales has gotten a bad rap is a vast understatement. I have personally been on both ends of this spectrum. I laughed at the idea of selling anything–much less any of the products that seemed to be available. It wasn’t until I fell in love with one of the products that I started to rethink my mindset.

Let me start by telling you a little about where my heart feels called aside from sales.

I have known for most of my life that God was breaking my heart for young women and girls in this world. I just didn’t know how He might use that. In college, He began growing my joy in creating content that glorified Him–mostly in writing.

So I began pursuing that with no real direction yet. I didn’t know where He would take me or even if writing was the end goal. I just knew that He was bringing me joy for His Word through that hobby.

Fast forward to beginning my adult life. My husband and I moved to a new city where he had a job already and I needed to find one. I quickly started working at a local nonprofit that I fell head over heels in love with. Yet because of the nature of nonprofits, I was intrigued by the idea of having a side income to help supplement my income at my full time job.

In the back of my mind, I still knew that writing was what I wanted to do full time. I just didn’t know how to fit it in.

Then one day, a friend of mine started posting about the magic lip stick that didn’t come off at all. I was intrigued. But I wasn’t sold on selling. I decided to sign up for the discount, because what could that hurt? I started a group and added some of the people in my life to it. I thought, if I can just get enough sales to pay for my own product, I won’t lose. I will only take this seriously if it goes well.

Needless to say, it went really well. Today, I am now volunteering for the nonprofit I was once working for and pursuing this writing thing full time–all because of the income that direct sales brought and continues to bring into my life. Let me tell you a little about how it works.

It gave me more confidence to put myself out there.

The first thing that happened when I signed up was that I had to quickly get 27459614_10210997128501074_2959248875619114610_ncomfortable sharing something with people. I had to tell people about it. I had to rekindle some relationships. I had to post (dare I say it) selfies. I had to humble myself and put a product out there.

Within a few days, it was comfortable.

So how does this relate to pursuing my calling? How can it help you chase your dream? We have to be willing to ask for things. Whether it is asking for a publisher to consider your book proposal or asking someone to listen to your song or even asking your boss to allow you to work from home so you can spend more time with your babies, we cannot expect a yes unless we are willing to ask the question.

It provided income aside from my 9:00-5:00 job.

Our society has created a very cookie-cutter definition of how we have to live. If we want to be comfortable, provide a nice home for our families, put our kids in extracurricular activities, or just eat out once a week or so, we have to have two full time incomes coming into home. Otherwise, it just won’t work.

There are a few things that have lead to that…

  • The world’s definition of success
  • Increasing costs for basic lifestyle necessities
  • The dang housing market
  • Student loans

Everyone’s story is different, but starting in direct sales showed me that a 9:00 to 5:00 job is not the only way to help provide for my future family. It jolted me out of the idea that God is only going to provide through the means that the world gives me. Which brings me to my next point….

It reminded me that God provides in unique ways.

I never thought I would get into any kind of sales at all. I still laugh at the idea every now and then. After spending some time in prayer about it, I felt that God was reminding me that He often works in ways with which we are uncomfortable.

I asked Him to take this business over. I asked Him to provide despite my embarrassment or doubt or lack of comfort.

Not only did He provide financially, but He provided confidence in what He had for us, certainly that He would not call me to something that He wouldn’t grow me in, and comfort in His plan.

It showed me that I can have more control over my finances than I ever thought.

I am also learning a super valuable life lesson through this venture. Notice I said that I am learning this. It becomes clearer and clearer by the day.

I don’t always have to rely one another person to sign my pay checks.

Let me preface this by saying that I did not quit my full time job right away. I allowed someone else to sign my pay checks for months, and we do still have a regular income coming in through my husband’s job. Yet this business showed me that there are ways that I can hustle my booty off and be rewarded by how hard I work. On months that I am diligent to work hard in my business, I do better. On months that I get lazy, so does my pay check.

God used it to take the place of my full-time job so that I can pursue writing.

At the end of the day, God called me out of the full-time job I was working and asked me to walk by faith into His calling for me. Whether or not I was involved with this company, I feel confident that His calling would have been the same.

img_7272Yet His provision through the extra income I was receiving, the confidence He had granting me, and the passion He was developing in me absolutely allowed me to take that confident step in faith to leave what the world told me would bring me safety and into the calling Christ has placed in my life.

So next time someone adds you into a group, check it out. Next time you wonder what it might be like to have extra income through sales, ask me or a friend who does direct sales.

God could be working in your life or someone else’s.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Originally posted 2018-03-15 16:05:26.

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