If you are anything like me, cleaning isn’t your favorite way to spend the weekend, but a clean home is your favorite place to be. The catch 22 is real.

But spring is upon us which means that we are all reminded of the need to reorganize and degrossify (de-gross-ify–it’s totally a word) our lives. This year, Austin and I decided to tackle the job while he enjoyed spring break. Poor guy.

Here are the steps we took to spring clean our apartment this year! And I have to say, though cleaning isn’t my favorite thing to do, the intentional time with him was super great

Start with tidying like any other day.

First and foremost, start with a (semi) clean slate. It is really easy to just do what you would normally do if everything is already messy.

Hold yourself to a higher standard, sister!

Gather every cleaning product you can find.

Do you ever find a random cleaning product you forgot about under the guest sink? Or is that just me?

Check everywhere you may have put a cleaning product in the past and gather it into one place. If you know what you have to work with, you are much less likely to forget a step!

Mrs. Meyers.jpgGet better cleaning products to get motivated.

You know how when you buy new running pants, you always end up at the gym sometime in the next week? It is the SAME with cleaning products.

My favorite cleaning products are either Mrs. Meyers or method. They are chemical-free products, so they don’t smell like actual flowers. Not flowers and chemicals.

Target is my favorite place to get cleaning products. Stand in the aisle, find a scent that makes you want to bathe your entire house in the product, and get excited to do just that.

Do one room at a time.

This is super important. Again, I am not one to wants to spend my day cleaning, so I need it to seem digestable. Like it will eventually end. You can also start with the largest, scariest project, and work your way down. We began with the kitchen because it required the most deep cleaning.

Remove everything–as if you were moving out!

This may seem kind of weird to you. But think about it. When was there a time when your kitchen, bedroom, or family room was more clean than when you first moved in. I always find that when I remove everything, I find areas that I haven’t thought about in months that need some serious attention.

Create a checklist for each room.

This one is similar to the “one room at a time tip” above. If you sit down and think about what needs to be done across every living space in your home, you might fall into the, writing-a-to-do-list.jpg“I’ll have more time next weekend” trap that tends to last until next spring.

Take it slow, my friend!

Make a check list before each room you complete. And here’s a bonus: attach each completed list to the refrigerator so that you can keep track of everything you have done.

Get rid of everything you can. You will appreciate this later.

Spring cleaning is a great time to purge.

Before you put everything back in its place, I highly suggest deciding what really needs to go back. Yes, it’s an extra step this year, but it will make next year ten times easier.

Spread it out if needed.

Don’t feel like you need to get all of this done in one day! In fact, if you don’t get it done within the day you set aside, you may decide against actually finishing! I would suggest setting aside a week (Monday-Friday) if you are a stay at home parent or a weekend if you have a family to help  you out!

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be stressful! It can actually be refreshing–if you do it right.

Make a weekly list to keep your cleaning regular!

Okay so when you get done, you may be thinking, I wish I had cleaned the baseboards earlier this month. I didn’t realize how gross they were!

GOOD NEWS! Since you just cleaned everything, and even have an entire home checklist posted on your refrigerator! Genius.

Give yourself a few jobs a week so that you have clean baseboards year round. Some of these things are so easy to forget, and no one is a super human.

Last thing: share this post for motivation! I am taking before and after photos of my home and sending them to some accountability friends who will help me out. You should do the same! Plus, if you shared it on your page, you can come back next year and do it all over again!

Happy cleaning, sisters! Keep on Living Loved!





Originally posted 2018-03-22 18:04:30.

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