First and foremost, I am no expert.

As I write this blog post I desire that you all hear and feel these words are coming from a broken individual who desperately needs Christ’s daily love and guidance. Through reading about God’s design and recognizing our own imperfections, we can better understand how to navigate our individual roles in this world through the Scriptures.

That’s the key. Through the Scriptures.

Through God’s objective truth that reigns our lives, we can begin preparing for the roles He has for us. Maybe it’s marriage, maybe it’s parenthood, maybe it is simply entering a new job.

By God’s sovereign grace I can be a father, husband, friend, brother, employee, and so many other roles. My prayer is that in the midst of these, my imperfection would make God’s perfection widely known and deeply loved.

Here are three practical things I do to combat my brokenness as I engage in the roles God has set before me.

1. Mindset

First, we have to focus on who we want to be through Christ. Think about it, your mind is the start of all action. You cannot move unless signals from your brain successfully reach points of your body. Two quick components to your mindset:

Think about growing

We have to think about our areas of weakness. My struggles as a husband only worsen when I ignore my downfalls. Yet, when I make up my mind to think about those moments before they happen, I become quickly motivated to correct my blunders.

Prepare beforehand

Left to our own sin, we wait to face adversity until it has already happened. We wait for something tough to happen before considering our response. Hear me say, do not wait. If you want to be a father, husband, brother, just know that those roles WILL come with extreme challenges. There will be days where you wonder if you are even worthy to attempt the roles set before you. And that’s fine. By being intentional with your mindset IMG_9154as you prepare for the next part of life, we can prepare our hearts and minds for challenges that lie ahead.

2. Mentorship

Find someone older than you who is living in the role you want to be and clinging closely to the cross. Through grace, by faith, I believe that Jesus Christ is the original and greatest husband to ever exist. The way He loves and sacrifices for His bride is breathtaking. How can I even attempt to reflect that? So I look at the life of older men who love Jesus and walk out their roles with grace and truth. I was mentored by a man who loves Christ, his wife, family, and community well. There are things that I do today because of his wisdom. We were given one another for a reason. Let us cling tightly to those who have walked before us as we fix our eyes on the cross.

3. Mirror Work

There was a time I believed the world would be a better place if there were more people who acted like me. Praise be to God that I was not someone’s husband at that point in my life! It’s one of the enemy’s tricks that we easily fall for! We have imperfections, struggles, and sins that disrupt and negatively impact those who we live in relationship with. As we look at our brokenness and imperfections let us do a James commanded and measure ourselves against the mirror of Scripture! Take heart in His work on the cross and through His resurrection.

When we can see ourselves as broken individuals, desperately in need of saving, true humility can sprout. I can ask myself, Will I be better or will I continue to lose the same battle?

I hope my words have served you in some way when it comes to being a good steward of your God-given roles. Praise be to the King that He is patient! He does not make us learn everything about Him immediately, and He gives us eyes to track how far He has taken us. As we prepare for our next roles–marriage, parenthood, employment, or whatever He has called us to–let us allow the work of Jesus to fuel and guide us along our journies.

Grace and Peace,


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Originally posted 2018-06-22 12:18:59.

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