Wake up. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Put on clothes. Go to the gym. Come back. Shower. Get ready for work. Take the dog out. Go to work. Work, work, work. Drive home. Gather dirty clothes. Do laundry. Cook dinner. Eat dinner. Switch clothes. Watch weeknight drama. Fold clothes. Go to bed.




Our lives seem to be a never-ending cycle of doing. Doing for ourselves. Doing for others. We go until we crash then we do mindless things to keep from going crazy. All the while, we grown tired then irritable then exhausted.

Why is it that we do this to ourselves? Why do we fill every moment with ‘things’? When I was asked this question, I laughed. What choice do I have? Things have to get done. I can’t just stop fulfilling my responsibilities. 

Right before we got married, Austin and I made the decision that I would not work for our first year of marriage. God had provided what we needed financially and I was finishing school. Lord, I prayed, I can give this to you. I can trust you with our finances, but I really need you to provide something quick when I graduate. God laughed (I presume. It seems like an appropriate response to my telling Him what to do).

So I went on my merry little way and trusted that God was on my page. I trusted that He would give me what I wanted. And while I was not working, school and competing on a collegiate team took up the time I thought I would have. Though I awoke early in the morning and spent my day productively, I filled every minute. I scheduled the minutes I would start and finish my lunch.

Then the day came. We were headed to Nashville, and I was done with school. What freedom I felt! I could have a few days to myself. Then, of course, I would get hired and start work immediately.

After a few weeks of applying, not hearing anything, and doing it all over again, I began to hear a whispering voice from above. Though I was spending the vast majority of my days alone, I was intensely busying myself. I was spending time writing without reading God’s word. I was busying my mind by time watching Netflix rather than quieting my soul and listening to His voice. I was spending time worrying about work rather than trusting in His plan.

And so a conviction was born. And so it has shaken me to the core.

I wrote the majority of this post yesterday, unsure if I should actually let this part of my life be readable to the world. This morning I woke up to ten emails from my mom in my inbox about rest. He is shouting something to me. He is teaching me to rest in Him. He is confirming that I am not the only one who struggles here.

Rest grants us perspective.

Rest prepares us for war.

Rest renews our thirst.

Rest disciplines our desires.

This rest comes in all forms. It comes through a mindset. It comes in scheduling. Yet most importantly, it comes in intentionality.

So in this series, I will be posting about rest. I will be resting in Jesus each morning as soon as I wake up and each night before I go to bed, starting and ending my day without the distraction of media or people. I will be thanking Him for physically slowing my life down and asking Him to slow my mind and heart. Will you join me? Will you make that commitment? Four days of beginning and ending your day with God-glorifying rest. I don’t know what He is going to do through that rest, but I do know that He is holding my heart that likes to go go go. He is asking me to be still. He might be asking you to do the same, and He might not.

It is going to be hard.

Our flesh will be reminding us of all the things we “should” be doing instead.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.18.11 PMIf you are new to this Beloved community, join us for the rest of this series. Answer the questions below in the comments section. Go to the right of your screen (if you are on a computer) or the bottom of your screen if you are on a phone) and sign up to receive each piece of this series in your inbox. You can also like my facebook page, Beloved.

So find a moment today to rest. Invite your friends and family to do the same. Let’s make this a community-wide thing. Get away from the distractions, lock yourself in a little room and ask the Lord how you need to rest. Ask Him to clear your mind of all the junk: all the worry, all the anger, all the distress. Ask Him to fill your head and heart with His peace and to remind you of His goodness.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What season of life has been the hardest to rest in?

Why is He calling you to rest in Him right now?

How can this community be praying for you as you enter intentional rest?

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