When I walked into my apartment from class, I remembered I had received an email notifying me I had a package. Since I still haven’t gotten over the whole extreme-excitement-of-getting-mail thing, I rushed upstairs without even waiting to open it. Why wait when your keys do the trick?

It was a wedding gift from our sweet friends, the Loague’s–and a really great one if I may add! First, I found an under-the-sink organizer (which if you know me, you know any extra organization method I can get is a plus). There was also a little book entitled, “Held in Honor.” It didn’t take long at all for me to sink into it, studying its chapter titles, its reviews, and the first few pages of its c

One of the chapters entitled, “Imitate Christ by Loving your Spouse,” begins with an excerpt from Gregory the Great:

For the law of Christ is charity; since it has from Him bountifully bestowed on us its good things, and has patiently borne our evil things. We, therefore, then fulfill by imitation the law of Christ when we both kindly bestow our good things, and piously endure the evil things of our friends. 

The language is lofty, but the message is simple: love your spouse by showing kindness as Christ did and devoutly enduring the others’ sinful nature as Christ did. Or as the authors Plummer and Haste put it, “a successful, happy marriage is found in embracing your Christian duty to bear with the burdens your spouse causes you.”

Right now we are in the honeymoon phase. Austin can do almost no wrong in my eyes, and I can do almost none in his. Yet, this entire book is about holding your spouse in honor when hard times flood marriage.

I was faced to day with the fact that that day is very likely coming.

In more or less words the authors communicate that the enemy is at work in the bounds of marriage. Yet Jesus gives us a clear example of how to combat him.

He gave us Himself!

He is the example. He literally left the comfy life of heaven, came to this place full of death and sorrow, lived a common life, endured years of being called a crazy person, questioned, sought out by His enemies, and died the most horrific death imaginable. He did all of this out of pure, undefiled love for His children.

I pray that Austin and I will come to understand as much of King Jesus’s character that we possibly can in this sweet honeymoon phase of my marriage. That way, when our flesh takes over–which it will–we simply love each other. We bear one another’s evils, reminding the other of Jesus’s sweet love.


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