With singleness, many of us are prone to believe that we are “in waiting” for a grand love story.

I am one of those.

For quite some time I have anxiously awaited the arrival of an amazing, God-fearing man to come sweep me off of my feet. I have spent endless time desiring, imagining, and waiting for a man to pursue me. All the while I was neglecting the greatest love story that I was already part of.

Sisters, my prayer is that while we are blessed with the gift of singleness, this wouldn’t be our soul’s desire. My hope is that we wouldn’t be the single girl “in waiting.”

My prayer is that we would realize that our greatest love story is with God. That we HB 1would no longer neglect this love– desiring other things more than Him– but that we would invest and deepen our relationships with Christ. 

Not that it is wrong to desire a husband, because believe me I do. Yet our desires and pursuits of earthly men should never exceed Him. That we wouldn’t neglect the greatest love story He has already made us part of.

God desires us and for us to have an intimate relationship with Him. Singleness is a beautiful gift: a time to really deepen and invest in our relationships with Him without the added investment of a marriage or children. Our one concern can be our love story with God, deepening our intimacy with Him each day.

Open your Bible to Hosea

Hosea paints a beautiful picture of God’s love story with us.  

Hosea was a prophet to Israel, and God gave him the command of marrying a harlot. God was commanding Hosea into a marriage where he knew his wife would not remain faithful.

He pursued her anyway.

Eventually, she ran away with another man.

Hosea went to redeem her anyway.

God’s ultimate glory shines through this story to reflect His plan with Israel and after Christ, all of His people. Even when we continually act as harlots against God, like Israel, He tenderly seeks us out and wants to redeem us anyway

God had every right to show no mercy to us and leave us to our pursuits of false loves, but He  tenderly allures us instead (Hosea 2:14). He promises us abundant life in Him (Hosea 2:15). He desires for us to call Him “my Husband” and love and pursue Him as so (Hosea 2:16). He lays a foundation for us in our eternal betrothment with Him of righteousness, justice, steadfast love, mercy, and faithfulness (Hosea 2:19-20). But much much more than that, He desires for us to know Him intimately (Hosea 2:20). He desires for us to know Him so much that He sent His only Son to come and die a gruesome death on a cross to redeem us. Doing so that we might have an eternal relationship with Him–one that never fails.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the most beautiful love story to me. How blessed are we that we get to be a part of that story and be intimately known by an almighty God.

So, my prayer is that we would treasure this love story we already have.

That we would not neglect our time, single or not, with Him. That while we have this gift of earthly singleness, whether temporarily or our entire time on earth, we would take advantage of it. That we would grasp how wide and long and high and deep His love is for us (Ephesians 3:18). That we would each day pursue Him and long to deepen our relationship with Him.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hannah Beth Brackin is a recent college graduate from Western Kentucky University. She has been single all of her 21 years of life. No dates, kisses, or boyfriend ever. She has given this stage of her life to ministry, working first in high school ministry and now for college ministry. She wants to be a Biblical Counselor, and her desire is just walking along side young women in life!



Originally posted 2018-06-11 13:23:13.

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