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Today is the second day of our 15 days of Advent study. If you missed yesterday, check out that post first and if you’re coming to see this post later (after the 11th of December) check out all the posts we have done so far!

This morning we rose up bright and early to go through chapter 2 of Mark.

Mark 2 jumps right into the meat of Jesus’s time on earth.

Are we only concerned about our physical being when we should be designfocused on our spiritual state?

Mark 2 begins with a story most church kids are familiar with.

A group of men bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus as He is teaching in a house. Because they cannot get into the house from the ground floor, they bring their friend to the roof, cut a hole, and lower him in through the ceiling right where Jesus is.

It’s a story that ends in healing–physical and spiritual.

We often look at the story of the paralyzed man and get excited that Jesus commanded him to rise up and walk. But that’s not the first thing our Savior did. Before he even brought up his disability, Jesus looked at him and said, “your sins are forgiven.”

And had He stopped there, the miracle would have been just as big.

You see, the Son of Man has authority over our physical and spiritual state. He commands the sun to stay at just the right temperature that we don’t freeze or burn; He set the earth to spin at just the right speed that our lives might stay in orbit; He sacrificed Himself in just the right way that our sins might be forgiven.

During this Advent season, how much are our eyes fixed on Jesus over tradition?

As the passage continues, we see people continually looking at Jesus in confusion. How could this be the Messiah and he not follow the rules? After all, His disciples weren’t fasting? He wasn’t resting on the Sabbath for He was healing people and performing miracles.

They were so caught up in the tradition of it all that they couldn’t see their Savior standing right in front of them.

Especially in this season of celebration, we have to continually ask ourselves where our eyes are fixed?

Are we doing the family devotion because it’s tradition or to better know the God of the universe?

Are we going to church to appease our families or to commune with the family of God?

Are we listening to Christmas worship music because it makes us feel bubbly inside or because we really want to come adore Him?

Ultimately, our hearts have to be fixed on what God is doing in this world and in our hearts–not only what we can see with our eyes around us. This season is a gift. it is a time when we can stop what we are doing and fix our eyes on Jesus. It is a time when we are called to slow down though it seems like the busiest time of the year.

Choose Jesus this holiday season. Choose Jesus over the gifts, over the meals, over the traditions. He will always be better.

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