And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the east. And the sound of his coming was like the sound of many waters, and the earth shone with his glory.

(Ezekiel 43:2)

I am consistently the WORST at making decisions. Whether it is deciding what I want for dinner or whether or not we will go on vacation this year, I can’t seem to divorce myself from the pros and cons of each choice. I knew this was going to bite me in the butt big time when it came to wedding planning. Just on my Pinterest board alone, I had 42 different color schemes and decor options. One day at the very beginning of the process, my groom looked at me and said, I want this to be about sharing the Gospel with everyone at our wedding. Without much hesitation, all of my decisions became infinitely more simple to make. You see, he challenged me to stop thinking about this as something that will happen on this earth, and instead, to think about it as something that will forever impact the Kingdom of God. Something that is done in light of His return. So then I could pick the colors on immediate instinct. My excitement about the process lied within how we could glorify Jesus name and make a way for His return. I am challenged now to look at all my decisions in that light. In light of how He will make His second entrance. In light of who heard. The little things become just that: little. The big things become Gospel sharing opportunities. It all falls now under His umbrella. I am just a steward of His resources.

Lord, I want everything I do to be because of your Kingdom alone. Help me see everything through the lenses of sharing your Gospel. I love you, God.


Originally posted 2017-07-23 08:11:34.

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