Then Solomon stood before the altar of the LORD in the presence of all the assembly of Israel and spread out his hands toward heaven

(1 Kings 8:22 ESV)

I have this awesome friend named Audrey. Two years ago, we traveled together to East Asia to share the Gospel with a very lost people. Each time we bowed our heads to pray, I noticed that she did something I hadn’t seen before. She opened her hands toward heaven. It was as if she was both giving what she had and opening herself to what God had for her. I was immediately challenged in my own prayer posture. Christians, I want us to challenge ourselves to open ourselves to Jesus very physically during our time of prayer. Let us open our hands as if to give Him ourselves completely. Let us get on our knees and bow before the King. Let us lie prostrate on the ground, lowering ourselves in relation to His greatness. Be creative with it, but let our bodies demonstrate the posture of our own hearts. Prayer should not just be a three-times-a-day before-we-eat kind fo thing. It should be a practice, a discipline, and a way of faith. So open up your hands as the wise King Solomon did. Open up your heart as his father did. Give yourself completely to the conversation with our King.

(Go ahead and get into your prayer posture)

King Jesus, I bow before you today, humbled and enamored by your love. Show me the greatness of your ways, oh God. Take all that I have and give me more of you. I love you, Lord.

52 Week Reading Plan: 1 Kings 5-9

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