Awesome is God from his sanctuary; the God of Israel—he is the one who gives power and strength to his people. Blessed be God!

(Psalm 68:35 ESV)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle”? It’s a popular word of encouragement in times of trouble or sorrow. It is also one of the most frustrating things a person can hear when they feel as if sadness is flooding in and drowning them. Though I know it comes from a good place, let us be clear: God absolutely gives us things that we cannot handle. Think about it. Gideon, in and of himself, could not take on the Mideanonite army with only 300 men. Peter could not just walk on water because he was told to. Jonah could not just breathe on his own inside the belly of the fish. They were all part of God’s power alone. Each of these humans did not have the power to take on impossible situations. It was the Lord who defeated the Midianites. He just used Gideon’s army as a vessel. It was Jesus’s command that allowed Peter’s feet to tread across the waves and God’s breath that provided oxygen inside the belly of the fish. It is He who gives power and strength. It is He alone. Stop trying to do it on your own. He is the power source. Plug into Him.

Lord, give me the strength to take on this mountain you have placed in front of me. I know that I have no power of my own to take it on, but that you only can help me.

52 Week Reading Plan: Psalm 66-68


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