I’ve never been a big “New Year’s Resolution” kind of person. The few times I have tried it I’ve created your stereotypical goals for the next stage of life: go to the gym an extra day a week, save up for a better car, get a job I love, write more, get a healthy relationship, and so on and so on.

A few years ago, I stopped completely. “What’s the point?” I thought, “I am just going lose momentum within the first month.”

I have fought back and forth with myself about why that is. Why can’t I seem to create a goal and stick with it? I see all kinds of people all over social media who do. Fitness models, bloggers who make a living, friends with new homes, cars, and all kinds of other stuff that they have rewarded themselves with after long and hard work. Yet I have never been able to bring myself to stick with something long enough to stay satisfied.

Until this year.

I created one resolution and stuck with it. And I am more filled with joy and satisfaction now than I have ever been before.

Getting in my Word and staying in it.

Why is this? Because knowing Him and glorifying Him is the only thing we will find satisfaction in.

fullsizerender-7If my relationship with The Lord isn’t right, how am I going to glorify Him through the things I hope so desperately to do? The first step in every goal I make for myself has to be to glorify my God. Then and only then will I find satisfaction in becoming healthier, saving money, having nice things, writing, or whatever my flesh wants to do because my flesh and spirt will be aligned.

It seems so obvious. Yet our biggest downfall is when we pile this resolution into the laundry list of other resolutions we make for ourselves. We want to get healthy and read the Bible consistently. Or make money and start a study of God’s word. Friends, if we are not already in the Word, we need to ditch every other resolution we hold and focus on Him and Him alone.

It is hard to start. I get that. But we can do it together. 

Every day of 2017 I will be posting a small devotion from a book of the Bible. Subscribe to the page and I will literally notify you every morning when it is time to read. Then click on the link of the scripture and read the entire book.

I will admit it over and over again: I need accountability desperately. I am asking you to be that for me and telling you that I will be yours. If I know people are counting on me to post, I will be more likely to read and do so. If you know you and holding me accountable, you will be more likely to do the same. We were given one another and the rest of the Church for just that reason.

Start here. But please don’t stop here. I am a fallen, broken human being and I cannot be trusted to post to a blog daily. I cannot be trusted to consistently read my Father’s word.

He can!

He is the only one who will give us the stamina we need, and when we trust Him to lead us in this area, we are trusting the only One who will never ever fail us.

Join me in 2017. Help hold me accountable to share what The Lord is teaching me through the reading of His word. I will let you down. Not every word I post will be perfect; in fact, I can almost guarantee you that many will be tainted with sin. Pray God uses my words and that you forget anything I write that does not glorify to Him. Pray I use this platform well. Actually, pray I don’t have anything to do with it. Pray it’s all Him.

Originally posted 2016-12-31 18:45:58.

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