How to Make Bible Study A Habit

Studying the Bible. It is something we all know we should be doing because of God's commands and straight up conviction. It is also something that we are really good at making excuses for. From the new Christian to the old soul who grew up in church to the seminary student, digging into the Bible [...]

How God Strengthens Us

Have you ever been in a season of waiting? Maybe it was waiting for something to begin: waiting for a pregnancy, waiting for husband, waiting for a job. Maybe it was waiting for something to end: waiting for sickness to be over, waiting for the anxiety to subside, waiting for the relationship to come crumbling [...]

12 Dates to Keep Valentine’s Day from Dying

A few weeks ago, I was serving in the children's ministry at my church. It didn't take long for the kids to get bored with playing with the toys they brought and start asking to pull out the play dough. I was low-key pumped. As we pulled out the different colors and the plethora of [...]