This is Us.

As a young married couple trying to save for our first home, future family, and a fancy dinner every now and then, Austin and I seek to cut costs of everything we can. I cook for us 9/10 nights, he gave up his love for water bottles and switched to tap, and we trade in [...]

Can I Ever Be Healed of This Sorrow?

She lost her parents in a car accident. Her husband left her for someone else.  She held her grandfather's hand as his breath slipped away. The diagnosis was definite: stage four brain cancer. She would outlive her five-year-old son.  The phone rang with the worst news in the world.  Depression ravaged her heart. How could [...]

Reading through Romans: Week 1

Hey Ladies! As promised in my previous post, this is the first of eight weeks you and I will be going through the book of Romans together! These are some of my most cherished verses of Scripture as God use them to grow my affinity for Him by about a hundred fold. In the following [...]